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Oct 29, 2015 at 11:42 AM

Issue while TO Lines split



I am using the user exit "MWMTO004" and exit "EXIT_SAPLL03A_005" for TO line item split. I have problem when TO split at each storage type.

Example: Required quantity is 855, and each pallet will hold 400 quantity and Case will hold 10 quantity.

Now I need 2 pallets as first line item from storage type ABC, that is 800 eaches.

and 5 cases as second line item from storage type XYZ, that is 50 eaches

and 5 eaches as third line item from storage type XYZ,

I am able to do TO split for cases and eaches as both of them are from same storage type XYZ. Issue is while picking pallets, 800 quantity. This is also being picked from XYZ, how to restrict in user exit from picking pallet quantity from XYZ, instead it should pick from ABC.

Thanks and Regards,

Vijayarama Kalluri