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Maintain Access Sequence doesn't show Tcode as V/07


I have  read in books that the T.code for Maintaining Access Sequence is V/07 while the path is -

IMG >Sales & Distribution>Basic Functions>Pricing >Pricing Control>Define Access Sequences>Maintain Access Sequences. But when I use the above path and if I check the Transaction code either in Status Bar or from Menu -> System ->Status ,either way it always shows the Transaction code as SPRO,but if I use directly the T.code V/07 ,then both in the status bar and through Status(Menu bar) it shows as V/07.

This same phenomenon is observed for many other as well like V/03,V/05 etc.

What is the explanation of these anomalies?


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2 Answers

  • Oct 29, 2015 at 08:25 PM

    When you navigate from SPRO->Sales and Distribution->Basic Functions->Pricing->Pricing Control->Define Access Sequences, right-click and choose 'Display technical info'. It will show you a screen, where you need to choose the tab 'Maint.Objects'. In the case with access sequences it will show you 1 table view and one cluster maintenance view (because there are 2 activities to choose from - one is with SM30, the other is with SM34).

    In the case of defining sales document types, you will see in the same menu VOV8 stated as transaction code. In this case even when navigating via SPRO we get VOV8 displayed as TCODE.

    How do we get V/07 in this case?

    Well.. if you look at V/07 in SE93, you will see that it points to VKVE, that calls the same cluster V_T682 with specific selection.

    At least for me this explanation is sufficient. Why it was designed in such way - I do not really know... it could be that the transaction was created at a later stage. 😊

    V/05 is actually shown as a transaction when navigating from SPRO at least in my system - ECC6 EhP4. I have observed differences in that aspect between different releases.

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    • Probably you did not read my post very carefully.

      I explained why when going through SPRO to access sequence the TCODE is shown as SPRO and not as V/07 - it is because V/07 is not assigned as a TCODE for this IMG activity (unlike maintain sales dcument types with VOV8).

      V/07 is created as a separate transaction for maintenance of the same cluster that is used in the IMG activity.

      I also pointed out a possible reason why V/07 and VOV8 do not share the same concept.

      In case you really need to get the right answer - you may try to contact SAP directly and ask them why they did not follow the same concept for all IMG activities. 😊

      As for the question what is VKVE - it is a transaction (if you search the web, the first result is called Transaction VKVE).

      How do I know where V/07 points to - I used SE93 and checked how the tcode is set up.

      Mastering the skill of acquiring information in an effective way and use problem-solving techniques is extremely important for becoming a good SAP consultant. You are probably relatively new to SAP - there is plenty of good documentation in the official SAP help site, in SCN, SAP notes, other SAP-related forums - just pick a topic, search the web - in most cases your question has already been discussed and answered (when you learn how to read between the lines).

  • Oct 30, 2015 at 08:59 AM

    Hi Namrata,

    As per the "Rule of engagement" alway strive to put some effort before posting questions.By doing this you would get 100 of answers to your question before creating a discussion and using this habit you can learn a lot.

    Please have a look at the below link, I believe it will solve your query.



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    • Hi Kamlesh,

      I already found the document but even this didn't answered my query. Secondly, the author doesn't tell how to reach "IMG Activity" in step 6.

      Also in step 4 he doesnt say how to reach "Program" menu?

      I quote below-

      Step 4:  Even if we follow above steps it’s showing only “SPRO” then in that case

      Choose “program” Go to Table- "TSTC"

      Give program name -"PGMNA" and get "TCODE" Transaction Code


      In another post he tells about SE93 in this post -

      But I couldn't find any solution with that