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PCR writing

Hi Experts

I am new to writing PCR's . I need help for the same.

Scenario is:

This should work either in the case of leavers or in the March payroll (financial year end payroll -period 12/YYYY)

employee opts in starting of financial year                                                                      :     wagetype XXXX 

He claims during the year                                                                                             :      wagetype YYYY

If he is a leaver or end of financial year in case of active employees balance amt should be paid as wagetype ZZZZ = (AMT XXXX- AMT YYYY)

Could you please guide me in putting conditions and the logic for the above...



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4 Answers

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    Oct 29, 2015 at 09:56 AM

    Please note these wagetype XXXX is in IT0008 and WT YYYY is in IT0015

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    Nov 04, 2015 at 12:52 PM

    Can you elaborate it with an example for better understanding.



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  • Nov 04, 2015 at 05:37 PM

    There are already many examples of PCRs for "leavers", on this site and elsewhere on the web, so you could look at them to learn.

    Next, you should look at your Payroll Schema to see if there already are Functions activated if it is the "March payroll" or PCRs that query the "March payroll".  Look at them to learn.

    You will probably need 2 PCRs; one that will be active every pay but that will process only "leavers", and a second one that will be active only during "March payroll" for active employees.

    Both these PCRs will need to look at the values of WTs XXXX and YYYY in the CRT based on the "Financial Year" cumulator (do you have one already or do you need to create one?).

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    • Hi,

      Write your PCR like below with ACTIO function after P0015 function in the INAP subschema.




              CMPER MM12




                       AMT=C 4100

                       AMT+    4100


                       AMT=  4000

                      AMT-& 410A


                      AMT=& 999A





                           AMT=& 999A

                           ADDWT 4200

      Here Wage type 4000 should be no pro rata (maintain PC10=0, CC01,CC24 or 25 should not be ticked).

      For wage type 4200 maintain as CC01 and CC25 as ticked and PC10=0.

      Check and let me know.



  • Jan 11, 2016 at 06:34 AM

    Dear All,

    I am also facing same issue, could you please help me.

    I have maintained eligibility amount in IT8, claimed amount through IT 15 based on the bills submitted and i am able arrive the balance in different wage type. I want to pass the year end balance amount to XXXX wage type get tax and paid.

    Could you please provide the info which operations i need to use to pass the unclaimed amount to XXXX wage type.


    Sai Krishna

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    • Dear Sai,

      Please create your own thread when asking a query, giving to it an appropriate Header.

      In it, you could detail what you have done, and even give a reference to this Discussion thread.

      Give some details of what each WT contains in the Input Table at the point in the schema where you want to make the changes.

      With the information you have provided, I could just tell you to create a pcr to process the "Year end balance WT" and use operation ADDWT * followed by ADDWT XXXX, but that may not be what you require.