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Oct 29, 2015 at 08:51 AM

Smart form Footer Section length problem



In smart form i am facing one problem, First Please have a look on attached image.

In main window i put table it is having Main area and footer, At footer section it is having some lines all most all 8 lines of rows it need to print.

The problem is that. Once main area table is displayed(row level data) Normally footer data will display. But in my form what is happens is

After main area if the footer is having suitable space(8 lines of space) it is displaying immediately. Other wise it will display total at new page.

you see in the attached image also . in the first page footer section is not displayed but it is displaying at new or next page.

But my requirement is how much of space is available it has to display at first page. remaining lines has to display at next page.

Can any one please tell me how could i do it. In the third image. you can able to see the footer section properties. It is all ready having the

Page protection. But it is printing at new page. Need your valuable Suggestions.


f3.png (102.3 kB)
f2.png (13.2 kB)
f1.png (78.4 kB)