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Oct 28, 2015 at 10:36 PM

Vendor Priority and Amount limit selection in F110?


Dear Experts,

I have below 2 questions from Automatic Payment Run.

1) Prioritizing Vendors in payment Run: I have Vendors A, B and C and all three vendors are having invoices with payment due. I want to make payment for Vendor account B first and consider remaining A and C if any day limit left for these vendors. How to prioritize vendors in payment run?

2) Payment limit in each payment run: User want to select certain amount as payment limit for that particular payment run. If that limit crosses vendors should not be selected in Payment run. How to set payment limit for each payment run?

I have checked maximum amount for payment method and user tolerances, but user can not change each time in configuration.

Do we have any standard configuration / Work around options for these 2 issues?

Thanks & Regards,