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Feb 10, 2006 at 04:37 PM

[Ugrapde ECC 5.0] Dump in PA-CM


Hi all,

We are currently upgrading from 4.6C to ECC 5.0

We have got a problem when switching from Display to Modify in the HRCMP0001D transaction. A dump is generated with the following text :

The exception 'CX_HRPA_INVALID_PARAMETER' was raised but was not caught at any  
 stage in the                                                                   
call hierarchy.                                                                                
Since exceptions represent error situations, and since the system could         
not react adequately to this error, the current program,                        
 'CL_HRPA_RESOLVE_EXCEPTION=====CP', had to                                     
be terminated.

It did find a OSS Note <b>885513</b> which seems to be related but is for FI-TV-COS and not for PA-CM. And - I assume - the corrections apply to FI-TV programs...

Has anybody experienced something similar ?

Best regards,