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Oct 28, 2015 at 04:40 PM

Try to register DP agent to HANA Server - connection problem


Hello community :-)!

I am quite new to all the SDI topic and I try to register my freshly installed SAP HANA Data Provisioning Agent with the HANA Server for the first time.

I was following the guide available here:

So I have the sufficient user rights. I can connect to the HANA, see all the Adapters, but when I click on Register Agent, give a name (in this example agent_dev01) and type in the hostname I just get as an Error Message the following:

Is this maybe a problem with the 5050 port (as I used the default one?), that it might be blocked or is there any other possibility what could be wrong here?!

I would be grateful for every little help!

Thanks in advance!


Capture.PNG (13.2 kB)