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Changing Post to QI in 04 Inspection Lot

Hey All,

Searched the forum, and I am not finding an answer to this question.

I have a material setup for a preferred 04 inspection which does not post stock to QI.  This is so the stock can be consumed in a subsequent process order (who's material does post to QI).  Here is the question:

Suppose the process order has GRs for 10,000 of 30,000 units.  At this point, we discover an issue with the order.  Since the 10,000 did not post to QI, we move them to QI; no issue (which triggers a stock-relevant 08 inspection).  We cannot address the issue during the run, so we may perform several additional GRs over the next few days.  Ideally, we would like to change the stock posting behavior while the process order is open, so we can be assured all subsequent GRs for the process order (for the remaining 20,000 units) post to QI stock.

It is not possible to check the post to insp. stock flag in the inspection lot; is there any other way to do this?  The value would be knowing all stock will go to QI as opposed to having to make sure we transfer subsequent postings to QI before they are GI'ed to another process order.

Any thoughts?  Thanks!


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3 Answers

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    Oct 29, 2015 at 09:48 AM

    Generally you do not set the post to inspection stock indicator for the materials where you are quite sure that there will be No or very less rejection events. And in case of such rarest of the rare events you have the process to bring it back to QI using 08 inspection origin. I think this process is ok! But if every lot thereafter is going to be the same case then you need to re-look the mechanism and set it permanently to QI so that every lot will fall QI. This would be a functional call.

    If you have to work with the given constraints then why can't you think of Dynamic Modification Rule for this? You can set maximum number of lots in SKIP mode. Maintain the delay time in customization appropriately with less duration. As a result of this, when you do the GR the stock will be posted to QI but the lot status will be SKIP. A background job QA16 will run at some specific frequency which will post the stock to unrestricted. You can set this duration as 8 hours or whatever you want. So that if you notice any non conformity you can inspect the lot and post it manually to Block stock and give UD as reject. Depending on the rule you set in DMR, if the UD is rejected the quality level will be updated and the next lot will fall in QI with REL mode. If this new lot is ok the next lot will fall with SKIP mode.

    Another option that is coming to my mind is to stop the inspection lot generation based on storage location. In normal case you use storage location A for production declaration. With exit QPL10001 you suppress the lot generation for A as you anyhow are posting the stock to unrestricted. In case of any rejections and when you want for the next GR the lot should be generated then you use the storage location B. So when the GR is done in B the lot will be generated the stock will be posted to QI

    The 2nd option has manual control over choosing the storage location at the time of GR. But if you do not want the lot generation for all events then this might not work.


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    • Former Member

      Dear Anand,

      I like the idea of triggering inspection lots for GRs posted to some SLOCs and not others.  This may be a good alternative for us.  Thank you!

  • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:49 PM

    No.. you can't change that behavior midstream.

    I think Anand has some very good suggestions that you can explore.  Without knowing your business it is hard to suggest definitives.

    Do you use batch status?  I was thinking along Anand's 2nd option myself.

    On the first inspection lot when the material has an issue, change the batch status to restricted and make a UD on the lot, it should be a reject code at this point I would think.  Make sure any stock posting is completely done.

    When the next GR is done, the system should attempt to create an inspection lot since the first lot's stock is completely credited and the UD is rejected.  At this time, use the QPL10001 exit to change the stock posting flag if the batch status is restricted and/or a previous lot for the same batch has a rejected UD code on it.


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      Another good option!  Thanks so much. It is good to just know we are not overlooking functionality to change posting proposal midstream.  We'll move to Plan B!

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    Oct 28, 2015 at 05:08 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Normally we use movement type 322 to transfer stock posting from Unrestricted-use to Quality Insp., which automatically generate a 08 Inspection lot.

    Please double check below points:

    • Make sure you are using the same movement type 322.
    • Make sure that Insp. type 08 is assigned in QM view of material master
    • Make sure that post to inspection stock flag is checked of Insp. type 08 in material master for the same.

    Hope this will help if I got your query.


    S Ahmed

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      There may be some scenarios.

      1. In case you want to do manually:
        1. Before doing GR (Insp. type 04) if you are sure that these subsequent posting would go to QI then Goto material master- Insp. type 04 and tick " post to inp stock". This would automatically post the quantity to QI.
        2. After doing all GR, do RR and UD. After all lots quantity is cleared you may now again unselect the " post to insp stock" as per your normal process.
      2. In case you want to do it automatically (sometimes you need to post to QI and sometimes to Unrestricted-use):
        1. What would be the logic for a such senario ?
        2. You need to develop some logic so that any enhancement can be implemented.

      Waiting for some relevant replies from our senior members.

      Thanks & Regards

      S Ahmed