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Oct 28, 2015 at 12:32 PM

SAP Work Manager. Equipment search result window doesn't work.


Hi All

We use

SMP Version: SP Level: 07


I activate settings to show Equipment and functional locations pages in SAP Work Manager.

But I can't find any Equipment on the Equipment - Search action.

The Equipments exit in the ERP.

I used next instruction for activation from SAPWM62-Configuration.pdf

Turn on the Equipment Work List

To turn on the equipment work list, from the ConfigPanel do the following:

1) Select your mobile application and open the Client Globals tab.

2) Search for the global name Equipment.Worklist and set its value to Yes.

3) Click on the Parameters tab and search for the parameter name ctEquipment.

4) Select the record where the parameter group is CT_BAPI_WRAPPER and change its value to /SMERP/PM_CTEQUIP_LSET_GET.

По умолчанию у меня значение было - /SMERP/PM_CTEQUIPMENT_GET.

NOTE: If you have LAM enabled, set the value to /SMERP/PM_CTLAMEQUIP_LSET_GET.

5) For the phone form factor for iPhone and Android Phone, make sure the following additional client globals are active (Active Flag and No runtime Change flags should be checked):

Group = MAIN_MENU_ITEMS, Name = 6, Value = Equipment

Group = MAIN_MENU_ITEMS, Name = 7, Value = Settings


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