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Oct 28, 2015 at 09:43 AM

How to delete Key Figure values In the Past



I am working on a scenario based on SAP2 template which has an offset of -4 months as a predefined value.

I would like to reinitialize the scenario getting 0's for all the key figures related to inventory.

My idea is as follows:

  1. 1. Generate 0's for all the past horizon for Total Saleable Qty Key Figure
  2. 2. Execute a Profit Optimization Model getting a 0's for Constrained Demand Plan Qty Key Figures
  3. 3. Validate that all the Inventory related key figures are 0 like the Projected inventory in the DC's due to 0s on Demand.

In order to be able to edit Total Saleable Qty key Figure I have thought in the next options:

a. Change the offset to -28, all the past horizon, for the planning area and make the key figures editable. Change values to 0.

  1. b. Change the configuration of Total Saleable Qty key figure form "Editable in the Current or Future" to "All Editable". Make the changes and undo the configuration modification.

I would be really pleased if you could help me with this point.

Is this the best option to reinitialize the Past values?

Which is the best practice for this aim?

Thank you very much.

Josep Tomas Olive