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Feb 10, 2006 at 03:08 PM



Hello folks,

I am having couple of questions here. Can someone help me with some info??

1. I have a Index table. A entry will be created in that table whenever I execute a program. I want to see the values that are stored in the INDEX table (I mean the CLUSTER) with out need to write a program for IMPORTing the values from that index table.

2. This question is related to authorizations I guess. When we display any report in the form of an ALV grid there is a button for exporting the list in to a local file.

My question is when I clicked that button (logged in with my ID) I can see 'local file' 'Spread sheet' 'word processing' options under that EXPORT button...but when I logged in with my business user's ID those options are not displayed.

Can somebody tell me what sort of authorization does that take??