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How use Associations created by Me.

Hi guys

I need to control the inclusion of data between two tabs NWBC.

I created this tabs and i created the association in cust_ui.

I tried to use it :

when i 'm in determination of tab A i need to see data inserted in tab B.

DATA: lt_nf TYPE zenh_t_nf1.



         iv_node                 =     is_ctx-node_key

         it_key                  =     it_key

         iv_association          =     '0050568508D21ED59F9D0758BFC018A7' key of my created association

     is_parameters           =

     it_filtered_attributes  =     " List of Names (e.g. Fieldnames)

         iv_fill_data            = abap_true   " Data Element for Domain BOOLE: TRUE (="X") and FALSE (=" ")

     iv_before_image         = ABAP_FALSE    " Data Element for Domain BOOLE: TRUE (="X") and FALSE (=" ")

     it_requested_attributes =     " List of Names (e.g. Fieldnames)


     eo_message              =     " Message Object

         et_data                 =  lt_nf    " Data Return Structure

     et_key_link             =     " Key Link

     et_target_key           =     " Key Table

     et_failed_key           =     " Key Table


But it didnt work.

Tha table is empity.

What is wrong?

Do you have tutorial or links with informations about associations?


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2 Answers

  • Oct 28, 2015 at 04:18 AM

    Hello Ronaldo,

    the statement looks fine. Thus please check the following things..

    1. In the debugger, is IT_KEY filled with correct instances of the node?

    2.Define the node and the association explicit via constant interface to ensure, that you have the right keys.

    3. Check if the association you're using is correctly implemented or its binding correct maintained.

    4. Ensure that there is a target instance available at all

    Best regards


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  • Oct 28, 2015 at 07:28 AM

    Hi Ronaldo,

    I do not know much about NWBC and tabs. Do two tabs imply two seperate ABAP sessions? If this would be the case, none of Tilmann's proposals would work. You would have to save your data in one session first, and then retrieve it with IV_INVALIDATE_CACHE = 'X' in the other session.

    Kind Regards,


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    • Hi Ronaldo,

      To find out if it is a programming error in your BOPF implementation or something which is due to some UI related limitations, I suggest to use the BOPF Test UI to test your BOPF implementation first. Then it is easier to find out if the behaviour is related to the consumer (UI) or BOPF.