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Oct 27, 2015 at 08:54 PM

Prefixed namespace bindings may not be empty - SOAP sender error



I have a SOAP to proxy synchronous scenario. We are having this exception.

1. I get this error when I trigger the message from SOAP UI. But when I paste the same payload in operation/message mapping it does not give any such error. Now, if I remove the SOAP header manually in SOAP UI and trigger the message, it processes just fine.

2. I also tried to use java mapping to remove soap envelope, header and body tags. It worked fine in operation mapping but I got a "Premature end of file" error for message mapping(in message monitor).

This is how the SOAP-HEADER looks like.


<pi:PartyInfo SOAP-ENV:actor="" SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="0" xmlns:pi="">














Any pointers on any of these points are appreciated.