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Oct 27, 2015 at 11:32 PM

Standard Cost Estimate Transfer to COPA - Issue


Hello All Experts,

I am trying to flow the standard cost estimate to COPA and for this followed many threads which I really found useful.

Thanks to @Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer , @Rajneesh Saxena , @Srinivas Salpala and all who helped to solve the issue posted by users.

I have followed the below steps following the threads –

1. Define Valuation Strategy as 001 in KE4U.

2. Define Costing Key - KE40.

3. Assign Costing Key to Material Type - KE4J. Instead of assigning costing Key to Product Type I have assigned key to Mat Type. ( I hope this is correct ).

4. Assign Value Field - KE4R

5. I have material which belongs to Material Type ZALB and it has Standard Cost Estimate Released for current period 7 2016.

6. I am running KE21S for this to simulate the values for below parameters -

On the next screen Material Number and Plant and click on "Valuation" button which I guess should show me the values from my cost estimate.

Like below -

Now if I can see the material I am expecting to show the value here has a value for this field in above screenshot in CK13N.

1) I don't understand which step I missed here or configuration part. Experts guidance would be very much appreciable on this.


Sharvari Joshi.


KS4U.jpg (69.7 kB)
KE40.jpg (76.8 kB)
KE4J.jpg (44.9 kB)
KE21S.JPG (24.2 kB)
KE4R.jpg (54.9 kB)
KE4R.jpg (110.5 kB)