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Displaying messages in BEx with i_step = 3

Hello all,

we used to display messages  for wrong user entries by using exit variables in exit EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 and this function module:

        i_class  = 'ZCO05'
        i_type   = 'E'
        i_number = '102'
        i_msgv1  = l_d_yearmonth_to
        i_msgv2  = l_d_yearmonth_tvarvc.
    RAISE wrong_value.

But this isn't working anymore with the new exit BAdI RSROA_VARIABLES_EXIT_BADI. The replacement



          RAISE wrong value.

only prevents the output of the report but doesn't displays the above message. I also tried CX_RS_ERROR_WITH_MESSAGE and CX_RSB_GUI_ERROR_WITH_MESSAGE - with no luck!

Is there a solution for this issue?

Best regards, Martin

Message was edited by: Martin Lehmann:

I have one interest observation to add: when I use only   


  EXPORTING           i_class  = 'ZCOVS'       

    i_type   = 'E'       

    i_number = '1'       

    i_msgv1  = ie_year_to       

    i_msgv2  = sy-datum(4)     

  EXCEPTIONS             dummy                = 1         

  OTHERS               = 2.

without raising any error class, the error message will be displayed in BEx - BUT: then the BEx report is displayed too!

Therefore this is not a solution that leads to the desired results (display of the error message AND prevention of the BEx output)...

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    Oct 28, 2015 at 09:57 AM

    One additional information:

    We use BW on Netweaver Version 7.31.

    Message was edited by: Martin Lehmann

    Hallo , the problem is solved - the solution was the identification of a missing CX_RS_ERROR as exception Parameter.

    Best regards, Martin Lehmann

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