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Feb 10, 2006 at 01:53 PM

ITS Debugging vs external breakpoint, SRM EBP



we are on an WAS 6.20 with level 45 + BBPCRM 350.

We are running the SRM EBP Online Shop.

In SE80 I can see a package BBP_GEN, which contains all the ITS Services and html templates for EBP.


I can't see these ITS Services in SICF. Why is that?


I noticed that debugging the BADI methods does not work, when trying <b>external debugging</b>. I set up external debugging for my current sap-user, which i also use in the web application. But the debugger does not come up.

I also activated the ICF root (assuming that this will activate debugging for all services).

instead I put in <i>

break <myname>.

</i> then the webapplication stops and waits for me to launch the debugger. I get thi message:

ABAP/4 Debugger

<i>The transaction is currently being debugged. You can continue as soon as your debugging session is finished.</i>

this leads to

<b>Quest. 3:</b>

can somebody provide an how-to-guide, how to set up the ITS-debugger this way?

loads of points wait to beearned 😉

kind regards, matthias