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How system generates inspection points in in-process inspection

Hi All ,

I am performing following test for inprocess inspection :

1. Assigning inspection point 150 - Generate inspection point time, qty wise .

2. Partial lot assignment = PArtial lot assignment according to plant default

3. Against operation control key , under Quality related parameters :

a) radio box "Time related " is checked

b) Time factor 1 Day

4. Now I am creating an Production order using CO01 of qty 122 with start date = 27.10.2015 and end date = 19.11.2015

5. On releasing the order , inspection lot gets generated.

6. While recording results when I clicked on "Assigned insp. pt" button system proposes 3 points :




Why so ideally it should create 1 point for each day starting from 27.10.2015 to 19.11.2015

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    Posted on Oct 27, 2015 at 01:31 PM

    Did you look at the function module set up in config for this?

    I assume the function module being used for this is QAPP_CUST_IP_CREATE.

    While in config, clcik on the information icon next to the FM name. It will provide you fairly extensive information on how the inspection points are generated. Since you only have three inspection points created starting on 17.11.2015 and NOT starting on 27.10.2015 as you seem to expect, I am guessing it has something to do with the actual availability of the resource assigned. According to the help file, the FM takes into account the availabiltiy of the work center, not just the factory calendar.

    I don't know if the module also takes into account orders already scheduled for that resource or not. I.e. if you have an open, released order that has the same resource scheduled from 27.10.2015 to 16.11.2015 than that resource is not actually available for this order until 17.11.2015. i don't know for a fact that that this is what is happening, but since the FM says it does look at the resources calendar and not just the factor calendar, it wouldn't surprise me that looks at the schedule of the resource.


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    • Hi Craig ,

      The work centr availability seems to be the reason. I think its better to use "No relation" for inspection point instead of time relevant otherwise it will add confusions .