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Parked document posting issue on FBV0

Hi experts;

     I'm facing a very common issue as far I see based on the search between threads on forum.

However I did not find any clear answer and most of the threads status are not answered yet.

Trying to follow some of the advises there but with no positive result at end.

Error is:

No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0302

Message no. 00344


The transaction sent a screen that was not expected in the batch input session and which therefore could not be supplied with data.

Possible reasons:

1. The batch input session was created incorrectly. The sequence of screens was recordly incorrectly.

2. The transaction behaves differently in background processing in a batch work process than when running in dialog (SY-BATCH is queried and changes the screen sequence).

3. The transaction has undergone user-specific Customizing and therefore certain screens may be skipped or processed differently, according to the current user. If the person who created a batch input session is not the same as the person now processing it, this problem may occur frequently.

System Response



For 1: Either re-create the session or process it in expert mode. Correct the batch input program.

For 2. It is very difficult to analyze this problem, particularly in the case that the screen sequence or the display-only options of fields differ according to whether the transaction is being processed in the background or as an online dialog. It could also be that this kind of transaction cannot run with batch input.

For 3: Have the creator of the session process it. If no error occurs now, then this is a program with user-specific Customizing.

what I concluded from the threads that there is inconsistency between some required fields on the Park screen and normal posting, that as far i understood if I'm not mistaken.

I tried to process the Batch Input session in the Foreground as mentioned on more than one thread like:

At end it gave same error and no further error messages where displayed to explain what is the error clearly.

Also tried to find out the Screen Fields which case the inconsistency between Park and normal post screens to set their value fields to be alike as mentioned on thread:

but again no positive result was achieved unfortunately.

So kindly can someone clarify in simple clear steps what to do providing steps with t-codes to solve such issue and hopeful to be good reference for others as well.

Thanks in advance;

Kind regards;

Ahmad Mahmud;

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3 Answers

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    Oct 27, 2015 at 09:31 AM

    Hi Ahmad,

    Please check in the batch input session overview, go through the steps system performed and system messages specially where the system stopped. You need to dig further to find out the issue.

    also can you share the screen shots of the error after running the batch input session in the foreground for us to check.



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    Former Member
    Oct 27, 2015 at 01:31 PM


    Instead of guessing, you can do a simple debug and find out which field is causing this problem.

    1) Parked one document

    2) Use FBV0 to post, but set a breakpoint at statement "Call transaction"

    When you reach the that point and after the call transaction (it's calling the FBVB behind), check the message return internal table, I remember that the one of the message parameters will show the field name.


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    Oct 27, 2015 at 02:02 PM

    Hi Ahmad,

    Please check the below setting is in the place of the configuration.

    Use Transaction OBA5 :

    Application Area : FP

    Massage No. : 140

    Chose the massage and Switchoff this for the user id.

    I believe this will resolve your issue.

    For Park and post.

    Please check and confirm.

    Thanks !!

    Milind Joshi

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