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Local calculation workarounds - Custom SDK Datasources consuming BI Services?


We have started to use DS (1.5 release) by developing some proof-of-concept dashboards with the purpose of better understand how DS works (pro/cons)

Up to day our company BI strategy has been mainly focused on Web Intelligence reports based on universe queries over a relational-database datawarehouse system (backend datasource). Usually all data were previously calculated in the DWH tables (to minimize report development tasks) but in order to fullfil with report requests all webi documents ended up with a significant number of "report-local" calculations.


(1) A typical webi graph requirement we usually have is to display all months figures (Jan to Dec) by including months with no data. We use to workaround this issue by merging the query agains a "Year month" master list.

(2) Another scenario where report-local calculations are needed appears when query results sets must be combined with a logic that is only know at report execution time (so previous work can not be done on backend)

After several weeks it has become clear to us that to reproduce this "local-calculations" using DS is not feasible. No local calculations are available and functions can not be used to generate "custom datasets".

But by reviewing the documentations I have noticed that since 1.4 release , DS supports the so-called ¨Custom Data Source".

At this point I was trying to imagine following "idea" as a workaround to by-pass DS limitations:

1) Prepare a webi document with all required data, "ready to be displayed"

2) Publish a web service based on previous webi report content

3) Develop a custom SDK data source component that will consume previous data source

4) Bind custom data source to graph

Does someone knows if this is feasible: It is possible to develop a custom SDK datasource to allows DS to consume a BI service (as Xcelsius was able to do)?


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1 Answer

  • Oct 26, 2015 at 11:30 PM

    Instead of building this yourself, why not try the APOS add-on to Design Studio, which can use Web Intelligence as a data source?  I believe the web site is - maybe you can try it using their trial; I am a fan of not recreating the wheel.

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