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content conversion for 2 files in one sender adapter

Hi Folks,

I am trying to achieve FCC for 2 files using same sender comm channel by a combination of TransformBean and PayloadSwapBean. I have used the following blog for the config setup for attachment.

Merge multiple files without BPM

But coming to the module configuration I am having issues. Should I have to TransformBean Moudle Keys for each Key and the corresponding Module configuration? or should I do the FCC for one file using the standard FCC and the other using Module config?



Capture.PNG (7.3 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Oct 28, 2015 at 05:16 AM

    Hi Kalyan,

    If the file names are unique , I would suggest to go for a 2 step approach.

    Scenario 1 - Reads both files separately, does FCC and places in a NFS location.

    Scenario 2 - Reads XML files(fileB as attachment) and then do a java mapping to combine.

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    • Harish,

      Yes, I agree, looks like that's the only the only option left. But I would rather do it in BPM which is a simple 2 step process. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.



  • Oct 27, 2015 at 02:26 AM


    You can do it per your screenshot but the converted XML content will still be in separate payload - main payload and attachment.

    If you want to combine them, you still need a Java mapping to merge the main payload with attachment.


    Eng Swee

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    • Hi Eng,

      The requirement is I have 2 .CSVs FILE A and FILE B and I would need FILE C as output.





      FILE B




      The output should be

      FILE C




      I am not sure exactly why you need the requirement, but just FYI, I have already achieved this using a simple BPM and also the using the above blog that I mentioned, But instead of trying to directly give FILE A.CSV and FILE B.CSV I am converting them first to 2 .xmls FILE A.xml and FILE B.xml and then providing them as inputs to the file sender channel which takes the FILE A.xml as main payload and FILE B.xml as application attachment and subsequently merging them using Java mapping and then eventually getting the desired output FILE_C using another simple graphical mapping.  To be clear the purpose of this discussion was to see if there is anyway to use 2 .CSVs as input to one file sender channel and subsequently use it in the java mapping for merging unlike in the blog where 2 .xmls are used as input to the sender channel.

      Hope this clears what I was trying to achieve through this blog. If you still think there is some other alternative please let me know.