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Oct 26, 2015 at 08:02 PM

Reducing PI Map Memory Requiement via Premap


Hi All,

We are trying to map large 200+ MB XML files using PI 7.11.

The target is a flat CSV. The maps are quite complex with multiple lookups.

Since we only use a small subset of the xml fields in the source file, I'm wondering if the following "PreMap" would help reduce the memory requirements.

Source XML(200MB+) -> PreMap-> Source XML*(100MB+)

Source XML*(100MB+) -> MainMap ->Target CSV(10MB)

How does this compare with:

Source XML(200MB+) -> MainMap ->Target CSV(10MB)


1) Both maps are MessageMappings.

2) PreMap is a simple map that discards all XML fields that MAP2 doesn't need, but keeps the same XML structure.

3) MainMap is a complex map that will have mulitple lookups.

Is there any benefit to a PreMap that filters out fields that are not required by the main map? Or maybe it makes things worse?

I'm hoping to optimize memory consumption.