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Oct 26, 2015 at 05:32 PM

SAP Lumira 1.28 - using BEX query as data source and deploy on BI 4.1 platform - Dataset Refresh erro


Hi there!
I'm using SAP Lumira 1.28, my source of data are BEX queries via OLAP Connections on CMC and I'm publishing the Story on BI 4.1 Platform.

My OLAP connections are set to use SSO.

Everything works fine in Lumira Desktop, but after publish the story on BI 4.1 platform I can play around in the Story but I'm getting an error when trying to refresh my story:

- my queries have prompts should I remove? Prompts like Company

- the error message is: REFRESH FAILDED: DataSet Refresh has failed...

Thanks in advance,