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Oct 26, 2015 at 05:34 PM

Bex Report Displaying #


Hi Gurus,

We have recently added few new fields to the DSO and then to the Cube.

We are loading daily delta to the DSO and then to Cube and data gets compressed in the cube.

Now in order to populate the values of these new fields we did a full load to DSO for one period and then we are pushing the data to Cube thru delta.

But when we run the bex report we get the value for new fields but another line also comes with #.

My doubt is doesn't the delta from dso takes care of the replacing the old record with new one.

As in cube all chars are key so this issue is coming? One with old record and one with new one.

If we do compression this issue will get resolved?

Thanks and Regards,

Monalisa Mohanty