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Refurbishment Order - External Procurement

Hi Expert

I am doing Following steps to create the Refurbishment order along with external procurement.

  1. Creating Refurbishment orde using IW81 against material (serialised) to be repaired.
  2. Updated the operations on order & assigned PM03 control key to operation & updated external procurement details on it.
  3. Updated the quanty of Material in component tab which will be issued on order for refurbishment order.
  4. Saved the refurbishment order & Released the order. Service PR is generated against the refurbishment order & Reservation is generated for defective material which needs to be sent to supplier for repair.
  5. PO is created for repair Service.
  6. I am issuing material to refurbishment order which needs to be repaired.
  7. I am sending Material to Vendor for repair. This is done manually but want to track in system now. (Please suggest procedure here for this). So here we want to have process that when we issue material to refurbishment order will be shifted to vendor & should be with proper tracking(how?)
  8. When Material refurbished & retured back, Service entry sheet will be posted, the material will be GIed to PM Order & IW8W will be done for refurbishment order to make reverse entry of GI to order.

Please suggest the proper pprocedure for Step 6-8 which will help me to track all serial number in repair & sent for repair to vendor.



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3 Answers

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    Oct 26, 2015 at 06:08 PM


          If you are sending the material in vendor premises(subcontracting) as following points is given below.

    1- Select the control key(PM02) instead of PM03

    2- Maintain the all information like Vendor, purchasing group,select subcon check box and etc.

    3- Put the serialized material code(Non valuated) with valuation type as damage

    4- Update the stock(MB1C) for Non valuated material with damage valuation

    5- system will generate subcontracting PR

    6- create subcontracting PO with BOM

    7- send the material to vendor through TC: MIGO

    8- vendor stock will up(automatically) with movt. type(541)

    9- After repair completion received the material(MIGO) with movt(101, 543)

    10- PO cost would be trigger in maintenance order

    11- And finally, when will do the Invoice again final cost will be trigger in the MO

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  • Oct 26, 2015 at 01:55 PM


    Please refer the below document created  by me.Might it will help you .



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  • Oct 26, 2015 at 02:45 PM

    Makarnd, I would suggest, instead creating service PR or PO for repair. Create subcontracting Purchase order ..then you can send the materials w.r.t PO in MB1B.

    You can also utilize functionality available from EHP4 onwards to mention serial numbers in the purchase orders .. You have to activate the business function to avail that functionality and do configuration too.. ask your MM guy about subcontracting to repair goods .

    You can find lot of online documents for subcontracting purchase orders.

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