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Oct 26, 2015 at 09:31 AM

Custom Number Range


Hi Experts,

@Stefan Krauth, @Fred K, Former Member, @Horst Schaude, @Alessandro Iannacci, Former Member

I have requirement which i need to contact which custom number range. To achieve this i though of crating business configuration set due to some issues i dropped the idea and thought of achieving it through custom work centers.

Below is the image of custom work center in which i am increasing counter value(i.e, contact value when ever contact is created and updating it with web service).).

To achieve this i have extended the contact screen and written logic in after modify script. Below is the image for reference.

I want to know whether it is right way to overwrite the stander value with custom value. Here i am facing issue because it long time to save the contact. Is there any way to stop creation of contact with standard number range. Please help me if any one come across this type of requirement.


Is there any alternate way to achieve this.




finetune.PNG (11.3 kB)
finetune1.PNG (39.7 kB)