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Oct 25, 2015 at 07:46 AM

PR05 trip details, additional info button, fields.


hi experts,

In sap pr05 we have a provision to enter an employee number. press enter, all the trip details are shown. now select any trip and click display , the line items of trip are shown depicting the various type of costs incurred during trip such as breakfast lunch dinner airfare etc.

here in this screen we have the button called 'Infos', on clicking it a new pop up is displayed where you can enter business partners, document number ,reason etc. so i wanted to know where these values are found in the database. i clicked F1 and it shows me the structure name. I am not able to find the table for these fields. i have searched for these fields in most of PTRV_* tables but could find these fields. Can some one please advice where the fields can be found, Also if any bapi exists which can get me those fields.