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Oct 24, 2015 at 05:27 PM

Sending Variant configuration from BW to APO


Dear all,

I am currently working on a project which is aimed to integrate BW with APO. Underlying is the requirement and problem statement.

Requirement: Certain types of material , for ex material type 'X' is a highly configurable material. Therefore SD guys have done variant configurations for it. Now as this variant configuration is not a available in a standard extractor , a Z extractor was built and this info was then stored in a DSO against billing documents. On the other hand we have our custom dso which stores billing documents at line item level through VDITM datasource. A infoset was built on these two DSO to get a unified view for reporting.

Problem statement: I now need to send historical billing data for this material type 'X' for APO DP. Conventional way of sending this to generate a export datasource and replicate this in SCM BI, however our infoprovider here is Infoset, export datasource is not possible. how do i achieve this?

one way that i can think of is to create a infoset query on though SQ02 on both the active table of DSO's and then create a generic datasource in BW itself. but in this case how to i take care of delta's.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you