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Sending Variant configuration from BW to APO

Dear all,

I am currently working on a project which is aimed to integrate BW with APO. Underlying is the requirement and problem statement.

Requirement: Certain types of material , for ex material type 'X' is a highly configurable material. Therefore SD guys have done variant configurations for it. Now as this variant configuration is not a available in a standard extractor , a Z extractor was built and this info was then stored in a DSO against billing documents. On the other hand we have our custom dso which stores billing documents at line item level through VDITM datasource. A infoset was built on these two DSO to get a unified view for reporting.

Problem statement: I now need to send historical billing data for this material type 'X' for APO DP. Conventional way of sending this to generate a export datasource and replicate this in SCM BI, however our infoprovider here is Infoset, export datasource is not possible. how do i achieve this?

one way that i can think of is to create a infoset query on though SQ02 on both the active table of DSO's and then create a generic datasource in BW itself. but in this case how to i take care of delta's.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you



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2 Answers

  • Oct 25, 2015 at 09:20 AM

    Hi Rahul,

    Next to the option of a Generic DataSource using an InfoSet Query I see the following alternatives.

    Alternative 1.

    You can create a new InfoProvider (i.e. a DSO or an InfoCube) for the required dataset. You then create a Transformation from the InfoSet to the new InfoProvider. Now you are able to generate an Export DataSource.

    Alternative 2.

    You create a Generic DataSource using a custom Function Module. Here you have to develop similar logic as in the InfoSet (e.g. joins).

    Altenative 3.

    You can use APD (Analysis Process Designer) to write a dataset in an InfoProvider using a BEx Query on the InfoSet. Be aware that this is not a scalable solution (i.e. no packaging of data).

    Delta can be tricky. Basically a Generic DataSource can be made delta-enabled (e.g. using a time stamp). However, I cannot judge how easy or difficult it is since I don't know the data context.

    Best regards,


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    Oct 25, 2015 at 12:02 PM

    Hi Sander,

    Thanks for your response and suggesting alternatives.

    As far the data context is concerned we have 'Changed on ' in Billing document item dso, however its not there in the variant config dso which also has billing document as the key of the active table.

    active table billing item dso is the left table in the infoset. I tried created generic datasource using infoset query , and in generic delta , i used calday as 'changed on'. This still does not trigger delta.

    Am i doing some thing wrong. As far as your alternatives as concerned, alternative 1 would be the closest solution to what i am trying to achieve. I think delta can be managed as export datasource can be made delta enabled with delta process as 'ODS EXTRACTION'. However the drawback here would be an extra layer of data duplication which i am trying to avoid.

    APD would again restrict my options of controlling delta as then i will have to rely on change log feature of standard dso and increased loading time as the process flow would require executing the query in background.

    Just a thought , do you think i will be able to use psuedo-delta concept here?



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    • Hi Rahul,

      I suggest that you try out the various options. Only this way you can validate the delta capabilities and evaluate the pros and cons. I think that alternative 1 and 2 are best "delta compatible".

      Best regards,