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Understanding macro logic standard

Hi guys i nedd ehancing a standard logic to put specific field like read only.

I want to know how works this specific logic with macro to put a field like read only .

"assign property values from exit class to strucutre which holds field properties

   DEFINE assign_prop_value.

     "if a specific field property has a reference field

     if ls_field_description-&1 is not initial.

       &2 = ls_field_description-&1.

       read table it_field_usage with key name = ls_field_description-name into ls_field_usage.

       "if there is a usage record for the corresponding field

       if sy-subrc = 0.

         read table mt_field_props with key name = ls_field_description-name into ls_field_props.

         "if the property for the corresponding field has a value (changed)

         if sy-subrc = 0 and ls_field_props-&3 is not initial.

           &4 = ls_field_usage-&5.

           assign component &2 of structure cs_data to &6.

           "case field property

           case &7.

               "when mandatory

             when /bofu/if_fbi_runtime_c=>sc_field_prop-mandatory.

               if ( &4 = abap_true ).

                 &6 = /bofu/if_fbi_runtime_c=>sc_ui_state-required.


                 &6 = /bofu/if_fbi_runtime_c=>sc_ui_state-normal.


               "when visibility

             when /bofu/if_fbi_runtime_c=>sc_field_prop-visibility.

               if ( &4 = /bofu/if_fbi_runtime_c=>sc_ui_state-invisible ).

                 &6 = abap_false.


                 &6 = abap_true.


               "when others

             when others.

               &6 = &4.






   DATA: lv_read_only_ref TYPE name_komp,

         lv_mandatory_ref TYPE name_komp,

         lv_enabled_ref TYPE name_komp,

         lv_visibility_ref TYPE name_komp,

         lv_read_only_value TYPE boole_d,

         lv_mandatory_value TYPE boole_d,

         lv_enabled_value TYPE boole_d,

         lv_visibility_value TYPE wdui_visibility,

         ls_field_description TYPE fpmgb_s_formfield_descr,

         ls_field_usage TYPE fpmgb_s_fieldusage,

         ls_field_props TYPE /bofu/if_fbi_view_exitintf_run=>ts_field_property.

   FIELD-SYMBOLS: <read_only_value> TYPE any,

                  <mandatory_value> TYPE any,

                  <enabled_value> TYPE any,

                  <visibility_value> TYPE any.

   LOOP AT it_field_description INTO ls_field_description.

     "assign property value read only from exit class

     assign_prop_value read_only_ref  lv_read_only_ref  read_only lv_read_only_value  read_only  <read_only_value>  'READ_ONLY'.

     "assign property value mandatory from exit class

     assign_prop_value mandatory_ref  lv_mandatory_ref  mandatory lv_mandatory_value  mandatory  <mandatory_value>  'MANDATORY'.

     "assign property value enabled from exit class

     assign_prop_value enabled_ref    lv_enabled_ref    enabled   lv_enabled_value    enabled    <enabled_value>    'ENABLED'.

     "assign property value visibility from exit class

     assign_prop_value visibility_ref lv_visibility_ref visible   lv_visibility_value visibility <visibility_value> 'VISIBILITY'.


Is not possible debug macro , i don´t understand this code .

Could you help me please?


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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Oct 27, 2015 at 06:59 AM

    Hi, can you let me know where you found this Macro so that I can have a look in standard and help you.

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