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Delay Event Propagation Issue FO->FU

Hello Guru’s

I have problem in propagating DELAYED event from FO to assigned FU’s

When I report from “DELAYED_FU” on FU’s from EM web UI, event is propagating up to FO, but when I report “DELAYED” on FO, event is not propagating to FU’s.

It seems “TORSTOPUUID” is not read (/BOBF/IF_FRW_ACTION~EXECUTE (/SCMTMS/CL_TOR_A_PROC_EXEC) in case of FO, but the same is filled when “DELAYED_FU” is reported for FU.

Because of missing “TORSTOPUUID”, check in (PROPAGATE_TO_PREDECESSOR (/SCMTMS/CL_TOR_A_PROC_EXEC)) is failing and stopping the propagation of “DELAYED” event to FUs.

I have 99 as stop category (in Tracking and Tracing of Processes and Documents) for both DELAYED and DELAYED_FU

Am I missing any configuration?



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3 Answers

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    Oct 26, 2015 at 01:00 PM

    Hi Vishwa,

    I assume, you are reporting both the delay events in the same way with location ID.
    , right?

    Are you referring to an existing expected event of the corresponding EH in the delay event messages? If yes, does this expected event has the field ITEMIDENT populated from SAP TM? This is used in the standard scenarios to refer to the correct stop.

    If you use the standard activity TM_MAINTAIN_EXEC_INF there is some specific logic for DELAYED and DELAYED_FU events to populate the TORSTOPUUID of the EXECUTIONINFORMAITON with this ITEMIDENT of the expected event the delay refers to. By this the correct stop should normally be determined in TM when the new EXECUTIONINFORMATION is processed and the propagation to assigned FU/FO should work, if they have assignmend on this stop.

    Best regards, Daniel

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    • Hello Vishnu, Gopi, Daniel,

      Thank you all for your help.

      Daniel@ Your suggestion helped, it was mistake from my side I have not properly assign Event message processing FM to Event code Delay.

      After assigning FM "/SAPTRX/TMS_ADD_PARA"  for delay, FM "/SAPTRX/TMS_CHANGE_EXEC_INF" started reading torstopuuid, result delay event on FO propogated to assigned FU's

      Once again thank you for your help.



  • Oct 23, 2015 at 04:56 PM

    Hi Vishwa,

    Yes, you need stop to propagate from FO/B to FU. To avoid this situation, you can add RESEND activity in your FO/FB ruleset.

    Refer to the following thread for more discussion on the topic.



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    Former Member
    Oct 26, 2015 at 03:21 AM

    Hi Vishwanath,

    Can you check this Delays when updating the Fo from an Fu event | SCN



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