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Oct 23, 2015 at 04:38 PM

Delay Event Propagation Issue FO->FU


Hello Guru’s

I have problem in propagating DELAYED event from FO to assigned FU’s

When I report from “DELAYED_FU” on FU’s from EM web UI, event is propagating up to FO, but when I report “DELAYED” on FO, event is not propagating to FU’s.

It seems “TORSTOPUUID” is not read (/BOBF/IF_FRW_ACTION~EXECUTE (/SCMTMS/CL_TOR_A_PROC_EXEC) in case of FO, but the same is filled when “DELAYED_FU” is reported for FU.

Because of missing “TORSTOPUUID”, check in (PROPAGATE_TO_PREDECESSOR (/SCMTMS/CL_TOR_A_PROC_EXEC)) is failing and stopping the propagation of “DELAYED” event to FUs.

I have 99 as stop category (in Tracking and Tracing of Processes and Documents) for both DELAYED and DELAYED_FU

Am I missing any configuration?