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Oct 23, 2015 at 03:19 PM

Handle Deleted Deliveries


Hi ,

DSO 1 is fed by DSO 2 and DSO 3

DSO 1 Key = Order ,Order Item

DSO 2 Key = Delivery , Delivery Item

DSO 3 Key = Order, order item , Schedule line

DSO 1 has 50 fields suppose , 30 populated by DSO 2 and 20 by DSO 3

Now there is a scenario If a delivery is deleted, record-mode will be 'R' and this will delete the entire line in the DSO1 including fields populated by DSO3 . If then a new delivery is created with reference to this order item (deleted) only new data that comes from DSO2 will be added as a

new line to the DSO1 . All the fields which DSO3 feeds will be empty in that case as no delta will come from it.

This could create serious problems with data consistency.

How to handle this ?