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Oct 23, 2015 at 12:23 PM

Custom ovs


Hi All, @Fred K, @Stefan Krauth, Former Member

I have created custom ovs as shown in below images.

when i was searching for particular record irrespective of case it was not working so i posted the question in scn() and followed the steps mention by Former Member and it's working fine.

When i create new entry for ovs it save data in cap's even though i enter data in small case this is because i have taken data type "ID" to make case insensitive search. But my client wants to save data the way he/she has given.

when i search for the record by putting "*". search is not working.

I change it to "contains pattern" as shown in below image even though it not working.

I have following things to be done

1) I want to make the search irrespective case.

2) Data should be save the way it has given( for this i have taken other data type "Language independent..". If take this data type case insensitive search is not working.)

3) I want to search record by putting "*" i.e "Lob*" .

Could you please help me.




1.png (1.6 kB)
2.PNG (4.0 kB)
4.PNG (4.1 kB)
1 (1).PNG (4.1 kB)
2 (1).PNG (14.1 kB)