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Oct 23, 2015 at 11:46 AM

Prerequisites for Fiori addon GBAPP


Hi Colleagues,

We are about to start implementation of Fiori for "Approve Purchase Orders" app.

Currently our backend ECC system is SPS21 (no ehp installed) and as part of Fiori project we have installed gateway(740_12) in standalone machine.

I have gone through the below document of App Implementation: Approve Purchase Orders,

As per this document, the back-end system supported product version is SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 15 or higher and currently we are SPS 21, so I believe we met prerequisite.

Also as per the above the link, we need to have add-ons (IW_BEP, GBAPP002) in backend system.

So here my query is, where should I install these above two add-ons, whether on back-end ECC which is on SPS21 or gateway(740).

So far my assumption is, we need to install on back-end ECC, but when i check prerequisite condition of add-on GBAPP002 there total three condtions and none of them my ECC system met. Then why document says min product version is SPS15 to implement this app.

SAPK-600AGINGBAPP002 GBAPP002 600: Add-On Installation

So kindly can someone suggest how to proceed now?


addonGBAPP002.jpg (121.1 kB)