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Feb 10, 2006 at 10:08 AM

Workaround for Single Sign On problem


Hi folks,

I'd need some help with a Single Sign On (SSO) scenario.

We run a tomcat at server A, e.g.

and a SAP BW at server B, e.g.

I want a user logon on tomcat but provide also a login to BW (WebQuery).

The tomcat application knows the user's credentials for the BW.

What I have tried is:

A) Tomcat server login to BW and fetching the cookie.

B) Sending the cookie to the browser.

C) Redirecting the browser to the BW.


The credential cookie is not sent back to BW, because its domain (realm) is

The browser's security features prevent creating a cookie for locations unlike the sending domain.

I post this in the ABAP group on purpose, because I hope there might be some tricky programming which can

help me solving the problem.

Any idea how I can solve this?

Thanks for any hint.