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Oct 22, 2015 at 07:18 PM

SAP Purchase Order - Erroneous Freight Charges on PO - How to stop pulling from previous POs?


Freight conditions and their costs are into subsequent POs. How can I stop this from happening?


I create PO 45xxx123 for material 1000 from vendor 12345. At this point there are no freight charges pulling into the freight conditions (the InfoUpdate flag on the material tab in the PO is not checked).

Then freight in manually entered into the freight conditions...let's say $1000 into ZFRT. PO is then saved.

The next PO for the same material & vendor combination will now pull the $1,000 ZFRT cost into this new PO. Why?

Also, I have tested entering multiple freight conditions and their corresponding freight costs into the original PO...they all get pulled into any subsequent POs.

I checked the PIR freight conditions...those are $0. The freight costs can be zeroed out...but I need to find a solution to stop the freight charges from populating based on previous POs.

Thanks for you help with this!