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Oct 22, 2015 at 06:21 PM

SAP SSM Strategy - Scorecard Filters not working properly


!Hello dear gurus and friends!

We're experiencing an odd error.

We have a recently installed SSM 10.1.

It has 2 contexts and each one has many KPI's linked to some "Responsibles"

Because of that, while analysing some KPI's we're bound to try and filter KPI's by Responsible.

The error comes like this:

  • Selecting SCORECARD
  • Selecting a Context (A)
  • Selecting [Show Filters] button
  • Displaying aviable Responsibles, *At this point, the default context's responsibles list is shown*
  • Selecting another Context (B)
  • Displaying aviable Responsibles --> ERROR : The list shown is the same as the one from Context B, which is wrong.

Refreshing won't help at all and deleting cookies neither, the error persists and as we've seen depends on the very default context choosen from the "START" section before ever getting into the SCORECARD section.

Context A

Context B

Thank you a lot for your responses,


ContextA.png (38.7 kB)
ContextB.png (51.4 kB)