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Oct 22, 2015 at 01:45 PM

regeneration of BRFplus application for Utilities scenario


Good afternoon experts

We are in an ISU-CRM ehp2 environment and are currently implementing BRF rules for configurable products.

In our development system we have defined attributes (transaction CRM_ISU_CONFIG) and generated BRF applications z1,z2,z3 with usage CI,CD,CC (sm30 for CRMV_ISU_BRF_APP ).

-The applications are created automatically as a local customizing type.

-The utilities attributes become available automatically as data elements in the new generated applications.

Transport to our test system followed.

-The attributes appeared as in development system whereas the applications had to be regenerated (also in sm30 for CRMV_ISU_BRF_APP).

All good at this point.

After the transport we have created new attributes in development system.

- The newly created attributes have become available automatically in applications z1, z2, z3 .

Transport followed.

- The new attributes were transported in our test system but are not picked up as data elements in the applications.

- The option for generating the applications is not available any more (it's one off generation).

- Manual creation of the missing attributes within the applications is not possible)

Could you please confirm how can we regenerate a BRFplus application for Utilities in the test system or have it transported from the development system?

Best regards

Razvan Zainea