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After update to BPA: System-Processes don't reschedule (JCS-102016)

Hi Guys,

after having successfully updated one of our Scheduler instances to V9, we did another update today on our Test-Machine.

For currently four "System"-processes, we get the following Error (in two OP-Messages):


Rescheduling of new process for recurrence failed for process System_ProcessKeepClauses with latest process 6,213,248. The queue that it must be submitted to does not have a resource that is required to run it; fix this first. If already fixed, do you want to retry?


Work failed because of exception when rescheduling job group for job 126338318
JCS-102016: Cannot prepare non-current copy of process definition: Process Definition System_ProcessKeepClauses (Copy from 2009/09/24 16:43:51,357 MET)
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.method.impl.JobDefinitionMethodImpl.prepareInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.JobDefinitionImpl.prepareInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.method.impl.JobGroupMethodImpl.createJobInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.model.JobGroupImpl.createJobInt(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater$PresubmitJobsIterator.getNext(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater$PresubmitJobsIterator.<init>(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater.rescheduleAll(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.core.JobGroupUpdater.rescheduleJobGroup(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroup(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.access$3(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor$3.performWork(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.apiint.model.UnitOfWorkManager.perform(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.apiint.model.UnitOfWorkManager.perform(
at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroup(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.rescheduleJobGroupRetry(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.impl.RescheduleJobGroupActionProcessor.execute(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.ActionWorker.doWork(
  at com.redwood.scheduler.action.ActionWorker.doWork(

The following Processes are affected:

  • System_UpdateJobStatistics
  • System_DeleteJobFiles
  • System_Ignored_Alert_Reporter
  • System_ProcessKeepClauses

The processes in the Monitor have an old ProcessDefinition, they all seem to have been updated by the "System_Upgrade" Process, after updating the Scheduler.

Since these are System-Processes, we cannot reschedule them, neither can we select the fitting SubmitFrame when trying to schedule them anew.

We tried rebooting the System several times, always with new OP-Messages, reading the Error above.

How can we solve this ASAP, we plan on updating our production system this Sunday, unless we can't fix this.

Thank you!



Our BPA-Version is

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2 Answers

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    Oct 24, 2015 at 05:01 PM

    I recommend creating a high priority incident with SAP.

    Alternate workaround, since these jobs are not getting scheduled by the system itself, you can manually schedule them to the same submit frame as a temporary fix.



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    Former Member
    Nov 06, 2015 at 11:22 AM


    We also faced similar issue post upgrade to BPA; Please check the default queue hard coded in the given processes, and check the process servers associated with these queue is up and running fine.

    there might be possibilities that the queue might got changed to different queue during upgrade , once the resources are corrected (queue and process server..) right click on operator message and reply with ""Y"" the jobs will get rescheduled automatically.


    Muhammad Asif.

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