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Oct 22, 2015 at 07:33 AM

TAX does not populate during sales order creation


Deal All,

I have created 3 taxes for sales order, MWST(17% tax on PR00), ZMWS(17% tax on ZAPY advance amount) and ZTPK(2% tax on PR00+MWST)

When I enter Standard Price PR00, Tax condition MWST is calculated on PR00. Working fine.

But when I manually enter Advance Amount (for which ZAPY condition type is maintained), system is supposed to automatically determine ZMWS tax condition type and calculate 17% tax on ZAPY. Right now, I have to enter ZMWS manually.

Similarly, ZTPK (2%) tax should populate automatically, which it isn't.

What I want is:

1-) On entering ZAPY manually, ZMWS should automatically appear on sales order.

2-) ZTPK should automatically appear on sales order and apply tax on the total amount, i.e PR00 + MWST.

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards,