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Oct 21, 2015 at 08:43 PM

BEx query - splitting out positive/negative records when there's no indicator attached - FS-CD



I work for an insurance company that utilizes the FS-CD module (insurance-related receipts and disbursements). I need to write a BEx query at the General Ledger account amount level, that breaks out open items within FS-CD by the positive and negative records - see the example below. This would be easy on a General Ledger BW cube, since we have the debit/credit indicators on that cube. I have not been able to find something like that in FS-CD though, and I'm struggling creating a formula or condition in my BEx query that can pull out the positive/negative records like this, without doing a dump of all the records first and manipulating with a workbook. Does anyone have any ideas? I would have thought it would be easy to summarize by just the records that are positive amounts, and negative amounts.

GL Account Net Debits Credits

1205011 $187,618 $$1,996,031 $(1,808,413)

2216011 (11,183) 498,953 (510,137)

2216013 585,777 824,302 (238,525)

2216017 (19,833) 13,189 (33,022)

Thank you for your help.