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Crosstab - disable separate scrollbars for dimensions/measures?


We are running version 1.5.

We have realized that when designing a crosstab with a lot of characteristics in the rows area, we end up with one of 2 outcomes:

  • If "Horizontal Scrolling for Header Area" is disabled, a crosstab stretches horizontally off the screen, with no option to scroll horizontally in browser or in crosstab (captured below)

  • If "Horizontal Scrolling for Header Area" is enabled, we get get a horizontally shrunken data area with white space to the right, and either [1] a scrollbar for dimensions only if the measures list is small (captured below) or two scrollbars, one for dimensions and one for measures. I will also note that if we turn on "Always fill", the border of the crosstab goes all the way to the right margin of the screen, and without it, the border is on the right border of the "Student Count" measure shown below - in both cases, however, the actual crosstab area is equally small.

I am wondering if this design is alterable - we would like to have the option to have one scrollbar that affects the entire query, regardless of dimension/measures type, but more importantly, can we eliminate this white space? It seems counterintuitive to take away screen real estate in order to have a scroll feature enabled - are we missing a setting? We have tried playing with the max header width property to no avail - even if we set it to a value in the millions, the max area we are able to have dedicated to the crosstab is that pictured above, whether the setting is Auto or 2M. The only workaround we have come up with is hard-coding the crosstab size to exceed the right margin, which brings up a browser horizontal scroll bar, but we would rather avoid hard-coding objects to be oversized horizontally.



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1 Answer

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    Posted on Oct 22, 2015 at 12:35 PM

    Hi Scott,

    You can set the column size to a fixed value using "Column width" property. The fisrt column has index 0, the second 1 and so on.



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