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Former Member
Oct 21, 2015 at 03:51 PM

Transfer pure substance values to real substances as a spec listing


Hi all,

Wondering if you can help me. In my previous role, there was a way to transfer maintained values you selected that were in the pure substance to the real substance under the tab 'spec listing' in the endpoint. I know you can do this individually i.e. by maintaining the pure sub ref number (e.g. PU1234) in that spec listing tab, but would have to do it by hand for every endpoint you wanted this component data to pull through on the SDS, and also maintain multiple instances for each component you wanted listed.

My interest is in showing non hazardous component data on the SDS, and was wondering is there a transaction as I was previously used to, or whether this must have been a customisation in SAP which is not offered either as standard or an add on?

Please let me know if I can explain further to help answer my question.

Thanks very much!