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Oct 21, 2015 at 02:29 PM

Note to Payee Fields from Recipient Perspective (vendor bank)


Hello Gurus,

I'm looking for feedback from those who have experience with how the vendor outbound ACH file would look from the perspective of the vendor recipient in their bank statement (or when vendor/employee vendor views the credit payment in their online bank statement). Our pilot employee vendor was not able to view the note to payee fields we 'sent' in the outbound ACH file to his bank. Does the recipient's bank fully control that (by limiting or not limiting number of characters the recipient can see in his online statement) or is there anything to be done from our side to assist vendor in being able to see the Note to Payee fields we sent?

The background: we used the PMW to configure standard CTX format with a note to payee. Our file generated fine and our designated note to payee fields are visible in the outbound text file sent to our bank. NTP fields are payment doc., reference, vendor line item text. The payment method currently is configured not to send a payment advice. We will change this later and begin sending emailed remittance advices to vendors, but ony after our initial mini-pilot project is completed.

Thank you for any feedback.😊