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SAP HCM-Time Management


I have a scenario employee has weekly of is monday & 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month

Whenever employee work on his weekly off automatic system must trigger compensatory off

Please help!!!

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3 Answers

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    Oct 21, 2015 at 02:17 PM

    Hi Srinivas,

    Regarding this, there are lot of threads available in scn. You can search and get the idea.

    And also you did not meniton whether you in positive time or negative time.

    If your in positive type. then create a time type and write a PCR making query the month and date. If the employee worked on those holiday/ weekly off and covered 8 hrs then pass the HRS=1 to that time type. then assign this time type in bass entitlement.(absence quota configuration)

    I could not give you the link but im sure u can search in the scn and you can find somany threads and blogs for the same requirement.

    Kind regards,


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    Oct 22, 2015 at 12:00 AM


    As Dinesh said, there would be a number of blogs and posts on this subject.  Any way here is a suggested procedure and config

    1. The work on such days is normally entered in IT 2002 (or from time sheet, shift planning, or PTMW, the IT 2002 is created) with a specific att.type (though this att.type may not be necessary).

    2. The requirement needs to be confirmed:

    The employee may be paid as OT, or may want to have comp off.  The IT 2002 has a field for this type of selection.  In some organizations, some EG/ESG (like shift workers, part timers), or PA/PSA (like remote areas) may be allowed to choose any time.  Or the org may force one type of rule only for all or some employee types.

    This may apply for attendance on a holiday also.

    3. Config tables

    3.1 Time type: say 6001 TOIL hrs - daily;

    3.2 V_T559L: - For the applicable groupings as required, & abs quota type

    3.2.1 Abs quota types:  Abs quota type: say 60 Time off in lieu (TOIL) - generated; using a time type - daily

    3.2.2 Gen rules - Accrual tab: daily - Transfer - when accrued

    3.2.3 Validity / deduction periods - as required

    3.2.4. Reduction rules - none required

    4. Time eval schema -

    4.1 PCR called with PTIP before TIP is sorted, before pcr TP20,

      ZTOI - Determine if

    4.1.1 If current day is a working day (HRS=S gives day's normal hrs with any IT 2003 entered and HRS not zero) and attendance is in IT 2002:

    - if the time overlaps with normal working day and time off day or holiday:

    - - If the pair ends after 24:00 hrs, then split the pair using GENTPE and assign the pair as the processing type as say X (i.e., work on time off day)

    4.1.2 Else, assign the time pair as X.

    4.2 PCR called with RTIP

    (NOTE:  No COLOP is required for pcr called with RTIP as against pcr called with PTIP - COLOP is a must if the pair is to be retained in the TIP).

    4.2.1 If current pair proc type is X, add hrs to time type 6001.

                D   OUTTPVTYPE


    X               HRS=PNUM    ADDDB9001

    5. Now function QUOTA should be able to generate TOIL abs quota.

    6. In your company, you may use a specific abs type to use the TOIL quota.  Or you may allow other abs types to use this abs quota.

    Correspondingly, absence type config and data entry would be required.

    7. The abs hrs can be valued in payroll as usual like any other abs type.

    8. The abs quota related data can be reported in payslip, PT50, and time types reporting

    LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST:   May I suggest to all, that a post should be created with a decent title (and not a long story) to understand the scenario (and not just as SAP HCM Time Management".  SAP HCM is already known, because you are posting under this group.  Time Management is a vast area - if you really need it, you can just say PT for time and PY for payroll.  Here the scenario is "Time off generation" 

    BE CLEAR AND SUCCINCT!!!  I'd suggest the same in schemas, PCR's, coding.  Re-use where possible

    Above should suffice and help.

    br, JG

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  • Oct 22, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    Hi Srinivas,

    This is common scenario in every organization.

    1. Create one time type.

    2. Create all comp off steps and while creating steps there is one step "Base entitlement" in this table insert time type whichever is created.

    3. in last step maintain Daily + Pro rata base.

    4. Whichever is created time type maintain in T555Y table.

    For more clarification

    find below link

    Configuring Compensatory Off



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