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Oct 21, 2015 at 12:21 PM

My Leads front end service mapping


Hi Experts,

I am extending My Leads Fiori App(CRM) and adding new icon tab on s3.view.xml.

I want to show sales area details in the icon tab as form.

The code for extension tab is :

<core:FragmentDefinition xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:core="sap.ui.core"


<IconTabFilter id="SalesAreaDetails" text="Sales Area Details" icon="sap-icon://sales-order">


<ui:SimpleForm id="SalesData">


<Label id="SalesOrg_label" text="{i18n>SALES_ORGANISATION}"></Label>

<Text id="lead_SalesOrg_text" text="{json>/SalesOrganisation}"></Text>



<Label id="DisChannel_label" text="{i18n>DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL}"></Label>

<Text id="lead_DisChannel_text" text="{json>/DistributionChannel}"></Text>



<Label id="Divison_label" text="{i18n>DIVISION}"></Label>

<Text id="lead_Division_text" text="{json>/Division}"></Text>



<Label id="SalesGroup_label" text="{i18n>SALES_GROUP}"></Label>

<Text id="lead_SalesGroup_text" text="{json>/SalesGroup}"></Text>



<Label id="SalesOffice_label" text="{i18n>SALES_OFFICE}"></Label>

<Text id="lead_SalesOffice_text" text="{json>/SalesOffice}"></Text>






Here, I am able to show the labels but i am not able to get the data for the particular labels.

Also, when i am debugging and checking the service, i am able to get the data in the service. It is shown below:

Kindly Help,

Warm Regards

Raina Goyal


Capture4.PNG (72.5 kB)
Capture5.PNG (17.2 kB)