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Oct 21, 2015 at 11:54 AM

Access class concept: application/foundation layer


Hi everybody,

I need some help regarding the acces class concept in MDG.

"The master class is the one beeing called by the MDG framework. Its object instance actually depends on the current software layer is it running in. In the MDG foundation layer, it is a reference of class CL_MDG_BS_FND_ACCESS whereas in the MDG application layer it is a reference of class CL_MDG_BS_ECC_ACCESS..." from SAP Guide - Extend the MDG Business Partner

While debugging I found out the object instance is always of class CL_MDG_BS_ECC_ACCESS - even if I'm just creating a business partner (and no customer/supplier). In this case - for my understanding - it should be of of class CL_MDG_BS_FND_ACCESS?

So I'm wondering: is it always running on application layer?


it's checking for the required access class in line 23:

* if customer or supplier (EhP5 or EhP6) is active then use ECC access class

IF cl_abap_switch=>get_switch_state( 'MDG_BS_BP_SWITCH_01' ) = 'T'. "On


This seems to be always true. Is this a general system setting? Meaning sth like: the system is using customer and supplier functions, therefore just use application layer?

Kind regards,