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Oct 21, 2015 at 08:51 AM

GATP>transport and shipment scheduling(using CPS and condition technique)


Hi Gurus,

We are un-aware of how system really behaves everytime a CALENDAR is set-up to be on a specific day only.

Our client has some doubts but we, consultants, could not confirm if it is a standard behavior. Could you please help?


Purchase Order is confirmed and has a requested delivery date of 09/11/2015. System is able to compute the below activity dates with the given duration of activity.

Activity Dates:


We were just wondering if this is a right behavior of system to stretch-out the duration of LOAD activity if we have set the LOAD CALENDAR to only Friday.

Here is what happened:

Using backward scheduling (Stock is available), system calculates:

> 19/11/2015 as delivery date since stock is available (Start of UNLD and end of TRAN activity)

[gap is = TRAN duration = 48 hours]

> 17/11/2015 (End of LOAD and Start of TRAN)

[gap is = LOAD duration = 1 second] Here is what we are concerned: you would notice that the gap is not 1 second. system actually extends to 4 days in order to meet the loading calendar that should always be on FRIDAY - 13/11/2015.

> 13/11/2015 also known as LOADING date (End of PICK and Start of LOAD)

[gap is = PICK duration = 96 hours]

> 9/11/2015 also known as MAD (Start of PICK activity)

Now the question/issue are:

1. In real life, business does not really know where the item is. So setting-up a fixed calendar (in this case LOADING) should allow system to move the entire scheduling to which nothing is extended/violated. Should I report this to SAP as bug?

2. OR is this the normal behavior when setting-up a fixed calendar (where in system violates a defined duration in order to meet the calendar)?

If so, does it mean that there is a hierarchy where in LOADING CALENDAR is followed first prior to the LOADING DURATION? If there is such, could anyone show me what are the hierarchies?

Please help.

Thanks and regards!



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