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Exception CX_SY_NO_HANDLER triggered An exception with the type CX_AMDP_RESULT_TABLE_ERROR occured

Hello experts .

i want to do a calculation in AMDP , but i Know  that AMDP does not support Function modules , so i try to implement the function module logic in AMDP , so i need to do some calculation to achieve that , so when i try to use a sum statement to add two field values and to get the result in a variable but when i try to do use the sum and execute it , it runs for a long time and throws a error message in a pop up

plese tell me a solution for this

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2 Answers

  • Oct 21, 2015 at 08:01 AM


    please add the clause 'raising CX_AMDP_EXECUTION_ERROR' to the definition of your AMDP. Then I guess in the pop-up the text of the exception 'CX_AMDP_RESULT_TABLE_ERROR' should be displayed providing more details (hopefully).

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  • Oct 21, 2015 at 11:01 AM

    Hi Ganesh,

    If you catch the exception it will be more helpful for you.

    Declaration Part :

    CLASS-METHODS : get_data

          IMPORTING VALUE(ip_begda)        TYPE char8

                    VALUE(ip_endda)        TYPE char8

          EXPORTING VALUE(et_out)       TYPE gt_out

          RAISING   cx_amdp_error.

    Implementation Part:

              CALL METHOD zcl_dbp=>get_data
                  ip_begda  = lw_begda
                  ip_endda  = lw_endda
                  et_out = gt_out.

            CATCH cx_amdp_error INTO DATA(lt_amdp_error).
              lw_text = lt_amdp_error->sql_message.

    Note : In lt_amdp_error- you can get more information

    -Amol S

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