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Prompt "invalid URL ..." when connect to an internet odata_gen destination with BasicAuthentication

Hi Colleagues,


I 'm using the local version of SAPWebIDE for some study, and met a back-end system connection issue, following is the details.


SAPWebIDE 1.16.4


The target system is NetWeaver for Java 7.4 (short for N74), which has the BPM Odata Service I want to consumed, and which has a access control of BasicAuthentication type of authentication.

The system is in our group's sandbox environment, I could only access it from my PC use static IP in company's intranet. The SAPWebIDE is installed on my PC.

According to the guide pdf, I choose ProxyType=Internet for my destination config, I used a hostname ("" in the snagit) instead of IP, it was configed in my PC's host file properly. the Authentication is BasicAuthentication, finally the Odata Service is nerver worked.


I succeed connecting to northwind odata service. and succeed consuming N74 BPM Odata Service via my proxy which write in Java, the proxy did the BasicAuthentication, the destination work fine with NoAuthentication.


I also attched some pictures of the screen short.

version-info.png  --- Shows the SAPWebIDE Welcome tab page. could see version information.

dest-info.png       --- Shows the actual configurations of my destination.

prompt-error.png --- Shows the step of adding a OData Service, but failed with prompt "invalid URL Enter a valid URL and try again"

Hopefully someone could help, thanks a lot!

Best Regards,


prompt-error.png (75.3 kB)
dest-info.png (46.3 kB)
version-info.png (212.0 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Oct 23, 2015 at 09:25 AM

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to do some updates regard to this issue,

    Laterly, I moved all my work to, And with its WebIDE (version is 1.16.4), the previous error disappeared!

    version info:

    correct result:


    In order to move env from local to, the HAT environment should be upgraded to latest (a newer) version. it will takes some time to download, install, and initialize.


    1. The Cloud version of WebIDE is always the best choice for UI5 Mobile develop. It will has less bugs, and you don't need any extra effort spending on publish service from intranet to internet.

    2. My version of local SAPWebIDE might have bugs on doing Basic Authentication.

    Best Regards,


    hana-ide-verion.png (127.0 kB)
    hana-odata.png (104.7 kB)
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    Former Member
    Oct 21, 2015 at 01:33 PM

    Hi Sky,

    what do you get if you put in the browser the url below?




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    • Hi Guy,

      Thanks for your help.

      I think you mean to let me access the odata service from browser instead of javascript code. so, the exact url in my case is:


      I 'm I right? and the result is shown as the picture below:

      The error message is "The requested URL "" could not be reached."

      It seems that the system is not reached, and the cause is I should not use hostname.

      So I made another try, changed the destination configuration' s URL from hostname into IP address, and browsed in chrome again, the result page changed to:

      It shows the logon page, meaning that fails to pass the authentication.

      Why I would happened authentication failure?

      Best Regards,


  • Oct 21, 2015 at 01:42 PM

    Hi Sky,

    Could you please try this blog.

    How to use Northwind OData service with SAP Web IDE


    Karthik A

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    • Hi Karthik A,

      Thank you,

      The I have read the post before, and Yes, It's OK in my SAPWebIDE. I have created an app using northwind odata service successfully.

      Best Regards,


      northwind.png (128.4 kB)